ideal for those starting out in business


This Brand package will ensure you have all the foundations in place to start presenting your brand with ease. 

more than a logo?

We have all been in the position of needing a logo but not being quite ready to invest in a full brand identity when we were just starting out. (I mean, all this discussion about brand identity has most people perplexed; I don’t blame you if you’re sitting there wondering, “Is this for me?”)

I understand that funds can be limited when we first start out, and I am the first to tell you that making that commitment for both you and your business must feel right in your gut.

Simply designing a logo is not something I support. Anyone can complete that! Will a single logo have meaning for your company and enable you to succeed? It’s unlikely…


What’s included

Brand Identity Bank

A bank of custom logos designed by me to choose from and customise as you wish. 

Social Media Templates

To have a successful brand it should be cohesive. These are templates that you can customise to your brand.

Brand Guidelines

To ensure you know how to edit and successfully utalise your files you will receive guides.

Website Template

Fully Customisable website templates that you can plug and play to your hearts content.


set up for success

With this you will have a brand that is set up for success and when you are ready to dive a bit deeper and build upon that brand I am right here for you 😉

the money part

Prices are displayed in USD, please be aware of any exchange rates for your country click here for currency converter.

HI, I’M Siân

My goal is to create brands that are meaningful and make an impact. My personal desire to stand out has always been there. From little things, like wearing purple tights when everyone wore black. My need to be different and stand out then intertwined in my work. With over 14 years of experience as a Graphic Designer. I have carved a career building brands. I help ambitious female entrepreneurs scale and become the best in their industry, stand out from their competitors and set themselves apart.

Are you ready to rebel, set yourself apart and attract those dream clients?

what past clients
are saying

“Siân has been so helpful! She was really insightful about the strategy behind the brand, and my audience. She’s very intentional versus just whipping something up that looks good.

She has a quick response time (even though we’re in opposite time zones) and she talked me down off a ledge when I get antsy to change things up!”


Money Mindset Coach

are you in?

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?