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Graphic & Web Design – Keystroke VSS (for & on behalf of)

I’ve been working with the KeyStroke Virtual Secretary Services over the past few years. Letty set up her business to provide an individual and personal virtual assistant service. I have been able to provide Design & Web Services on behalf of Keystroke VSS as well as being their in-house Designer providing them their own Design Services.

Some of the work I have provided for Keystroke VSS are – logo update, advert, planner.

Although I did not design her initial logo, I re-created it with intention of making it more clean, fresh and modern.




I speak about the other pieces I have created on behalf of Keystroke VSS throughout the site.

It’s been brilliant working with Letty and her Team as she is able to help mums like me, work from home doing something they love, work around caring for their little ones. 

Give KeyStroke VSS a follow on instagram @keystrokeletty or and checkout the website