I was at the park with my son the other week, he had spent his first FULL day of school and was playing at the park with his friends. 🛝

I could see in the distance some commotion and once I managed to get over to them turns out his friend was swinging him around and his shoe had fallen off (obvs cos they were brand new and a bit too big for him being his first day 🥹)

That friend decided to throw his shoe over in the long grass over a fence. 🤣👟

Now me being me, I just went over asked, what was going on and climbed over the fence and patiently asked where he had thrown the shoe, which direction, how high, to gauge an idea of the location. 🧭

Eventually we found it, but my point is. In business, much like a child, we have these impulses to ‘throw our shoe over a fence’ in a bid to create some kind of drama or next big thing. In hopes that our businesses take the next level, and everything works out. 🎭

But we fail to take a step back. We aren’t kids. We don’t have their level of poor impulse control and emotional regulation. We actually know how to make calculated risks and are even capable of making strategic decisions. ♟️

And that does not involve jumping on every freebie or a cheap deal in the hopes of it solving everything. And that’s exactly what “chucking your shoe over the fence” looks like in your business. Acting in the moment, but not thinking of the big picture. You’re building a brand that is bigger than yourself and it deserves long-term decisions, not short-term gratification. 💡

⭐️ You’re a CEO, a fellow unconventional rebel and that means something. Let’s connect. 📲