It is so hard to let go of control in your business!

😱 Trusting someone else is the one of the scariest things. I mean your business is your baby and you wouldn’t just let any old soul take your baby and start dressing it in whatever they wanted…

But trusting an expert can be so rewarding. Finally realising that you don’t have to do it all.

💡 Realising that the person you hired was actually made for this. The fact they they know a lot more about that subject than you do can be a little daunting.

‘I mean how can they know about my business better than me.’

It’s fair to say that in business we try to wear all hats!
And often this is detrimental to our progression.

We think we must do everything in life ourselves and the same for businesss. In business we try to save a bit of money here and there. Maybe you do a DIY website or a DIY logo but to what cost?

🫠 The cost of all those hours you spend on google, trying to find out how to make a margin on your site move the right way?? 🤯

💣 You know there are experts out there that do this every day and while you waste all those hours trying to save a few quid, you could be out there putting the time into the parts of the business that makes you happy. The parts that make you more money…

And when you do come round to hire that expert… please trust them. I know it’s so hard. I know you can’t be sure they will make it exactly like you wanted.

✨ But Sometimes having that expert outsiders perspective opens up your mind in ways you didn’t think possible.

So as I said before TRUST THE DAMN DESIGNER! 😘🤣💻

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