Siân about


My name is Siân and I am the face behind Unconventional Rebel.

From a young age I grew up with a love of Art and Graphics. As a child I would sit and doodle fashion sketches in my bedroom. My mum longed to be a Textile Designer so I would often look at her old college artwork and copy her paintings. I particularly remember an amazing painting she had of a massive Knickerbokerglory, I would try and copy it, perfecting my painting and drawing technique.

I always found beauty in gorgeous fonts, magazine spreads and Art so after studying Art & Design throughout school and taking it as far as I could; I decided to study Graphic Communications at College. After completing my HND I worked as a Graphics and Marketing Assistant and I loved every minute of it. Determined to carry this love of Graphic Design on I set up as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I loved working with small businesses ensuring they were visually able to promote their company through creating their websites, advertising pages to logos and stationery. I quickly became a friendly, personal, easy to approach, one to one designer that focused on the client needs and how they wanted to portray their business.

Growing up I have always longed to be different and would always channel this love through the clothes I wore. Never a complete rebel or a fashionista but always styling myself different to everyone else. My eye for colour and design shone through my clothes. I would be constantly looking for a new combo or style or wishing I could have a certain top or clothing item to go with what I was thinking of wearing.

My love of design, being different and my love of clothes naturally progressed and Unconventional Rebel was born!


Stand out from the Crowd

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