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Story so far…

Hello! I am Siân Southgate, Owner & Designer at Unconventional Rebel.

Unconventional Rebel has existed as a business since 2017 but only now is it becoming what it was truly intended to be. If you aren’t aware Unconventional Rebel started as a clothing brand by myself. I was seeking a new outlet in my life and after 9 + years in the Graphic & Web design world as a freelancer I decided to set up a clothing brand. A brand that was very close to my heart. I loved the brand and all it stood for I wanted somewhere I could share designs in a new media. You see Unconventional Rebel was me. I am someone who likes to stick to the rules a lot but at the same time I crave to be different and to find a better way of doing something. Something quicker, more efficient. I have always tried to be different with everything I do but always researching and making sure it was the right choice for me or my family. So therefore being the original Unconventional Rebel. I wanted my designs to speak like this, I wanted people to see my vision and come on this exciting journey with me.

I continued to do Freelance Graphic & Web Design work, I even started doing art again. All the while plugging away at my designs. Then slowly my love for Graphics & Design kept coming back, all the while I was working with 2 businesses. Then something clicked it didn’t make sense anymore to have a brand that I loved so much but only did one thing. Why did I need to have something separate why couldn’t it do it all if it needed to or only the important parts when it was it’s time.

I have decided that everything will fall under the Unconventional Rebel Brand (Graphic Design, Web Design, Art & Clothing) –  Because after all I am the original Unconventional Rebel and contrary to what people may tell you – you can have it all!