brand story


Design was more than just a skill; it was my ultimate outlet and purpose. From my school days, where I spent hours at the art table, to studying art and design, product design, and graphic communications, I laid the foundation for my creative future.

Working for over a decade in the design industry, hustling for every client. Life truly shifted when I became a mother. Looking into my son’s eyes, I saw the reflection of my untapped potential and dreams. How could I expect him to reach for the stars while I held back from fully pursuing my own aspirations? That moment sparked a profound realization: It was a turning point in my life, a moment of clarity when I realized that I had to fully embrace my creative potential.

And so, Unconventional Rebel Creative was born!

A testament to my unconventionality, rebellion against the norm, and unwavering pursuit of authenticity. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of standing out and making a difference, both for myself and my clients.

My journey as an artist and designer has been one of relentless dedication. From studying various forms of art to embracing freelancing and continuously learning, I have honed my craft.

But you see Unconventional Rebel isn’t just about creating amazing designs. It really is a double entendre, my empathy and understanding have become my superpowers, making me the ultimate Unconventional Rebel. I genuinely care for my clients, ensuring their experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Unconventional Rebel is more than just a business, its a rebellion!

It’s also for those that want to embrace their differences. They don’t have to be the loudest in the room; they can be an introvert that is ready to make a change; they can be the girl that refuses to be confined by society’s norms. I invite ambitious entrepreneurs, service providers, coaches, and visionaries to join me on a journey of self-discovery and creative transformation.

Together, we will defy the ordinary, embrace uniqueness, and boldly stand out in a crowded world. Embracing all our quirks and allowing our brand to shine.

Are you ready?

Unconventional Rebel Branded Graphic an real image of Siân the owner of Unconventional Rebel looking at her phone and smiling while she receives a message from her client. The graphics that surround show the process of the client sending the word REBEL to her and the start of a great working relationship, with ideas and thoughts