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Hi. I am Siân, the face behind Unconventional Rebel. Growing up with a deep love of art and design from a young age, I studied Art and Design, Product Design & Graphic Communications. I then moved on to study Visual Communications in College. Straight out of college I worked as a Graphics and Marketing Assistant for an oil service provider. This role allowed me to gain amazing insight into working in an in-house marketing team. After plodding along in other Oil and Gas roles I set up as a freelance graphic designer.

I had been freelancing for roughly seven years when I created Unconventional Rebel, using it as another creative outlet to showcase my designs on products. In January 2021 to focus solely on Branding & Web Design, I merged those two businesses, keeping the Unconventional Rebel name.

I have worked 12+ years in the industry, never felling out of love with design. It’s always been there. It keeps me up until the early hours in a pitch-black room only lit by my computer screen. It has been there alongside growing my family and moving houses. It has been with me through the ups and downs. I believe in truly loving what you do. It is my passion and my drive. Creating memorable and eye-catching brands that not only work with your business to achieve its goals but a brand that endures the test of time. There is nothing better than seeing your clients reaction to a brand or website you have created. It gives me that tingly feeling that makes my heart expand knowing that I am following my dreams and helping others follow theirs.