I wake up every night, sometimes every hour…

I wonder if my body has conditioned itself after 4 years of night feeds? But those feeds stopped nearly 2 years ago and yet I lie awake, my brain working on over drive.

Often plagued by too many thoughts about the things I need to do, about the ideas that I have. Mother, designer, wife, dog owner, CEO, sister, daughter, mentor, friend.

My skin feels the affect of all the scratching and stressing.

Not too long ago, when my business was a tiny thing, when I didn’t worry about every goddamn thing, I would sleep like a baby (sometimes too much) – hello comfy sofa, a film and a snoozing Siân 10 mins in!

🤔 I often wonder if it’s because I care TOO much.

About my clients, about my family, I worry that the dog didn’t get a good enough walk. Or that I am not posting enough, or posting about the right things.

Ideas come in thick and fast, how a site would function so much better if I just moved a couple of things. But wait I can’t do that tomorrow, it’s gonna bug me until I do it now…

Thinking back to that snoozing Siân on the sofa, I think, did I not care before?

I did, I know I did! I reckon if I sat on the sofa I would fall asleep in 10 mins again, so why am I wide awake in bed at 2am?

🤔 Maybe there is more at stake now…

🤔 Maybe I understand my purpose more now…

I know my brain is wired differently. I was built to serve, built to help, built to be that person who supports, who understands, who helps people chase their dreams.

So every night, when those ideas and the overthinking come ringing into my brain like an unwanted alarm clock – ping 1am, ping 2am, ping 3.30am, ping 4am. I either choose to go with the ideas and pull out my MacBook or my phone (this here piece of content is from a 3.30am Siân who can’t sleep again). Sometimes I put my headphones in an listen to soothing music, to calm the whirling ideas in my brain.

The perks and pitfalls of being an Unconventional Rebel – I know I have so much to give and sometimes my brain has a hard time switching off.

I give everything to everyone and some may see that as a flaw… but I don’t.

🤩 My care and understanding for my clients, for MY people, mean they get something from me that they will NEVER get from another designer.

🤩 I genuinely want to give them the best possible service, the best results. I want to see them succeed.

I don’t see these wakes as a burden, more of a reminder of the people I am here for. My loved ones and my fellow Unconventional Rebels. 💪

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