I lost 65 of my reel drafts. Ha yes 65!

To say I was a little bit pissed 🤬 was an understatement!

Remember that time when Instagram went down and everyone was flapping? It made me think back to that.

Do you rely on social media to make sales?

If it completely went one day what would you do? 🤯

The funny thing is I just saw someone else post about this, the same thing happening to them! Did I go away and save all those reels to my phone?

No of course not, somehow we think we are invincible. That kind of thing won’t happen to us!

✨ My point is Losing those reel drafts made me think 🤔 good job my brand and website are on point!

✨ Good job I have my social media graphics ready to post.

🏡 You know, having a website is like having your own home paid for with your big fat check, and YOU own every part of it! You can waltz around naked if you want to 😂, you paint it whatever colour you choose (granted that colour is strategically chosen to attract your ideal clients😉)

😳 I love Social Media, but it’s like having a mean old landlord, who now and then, may just decide to switch the power off and leave you shivering under the duvet eating the contents of your defrosted freezer while getting a tummy ache.

You are a grown-ass Woman your business deserves to have its HOME plastered across the internet, not worried about that landlord who threatens you, ‘it’s his property and you will play by his rules…’

If you are ready, grab a spot on my calendar now and join me in a free branding breakthrough session where we will map out a plan to take your brand to the next level, where you can play by your own rules and have that online home your business deserves!